A new cell phone app has been created to help reduce the number of car accidents caused by drunk driving.  Drunk driving causes car accidents that lead to thousands of personal injury claims and wrongful deaths every year.  This new app is the latest technological attempt to lower the number of these car accidents caused by a lack of judgment.

Our car accident lawyers are normally not in support of using a cell phone when there’s a car involved.  Using a cell phone while you’re driving is definitely discouraged, but if you use a cell phone out of your car to prevent a car accident caused by drunk driving in your car, there are life-saving benefits.

“Taxi Magic” cell phone app helps prevent DUI car accidents.

The “Taxi Magic” application is free for all iPhones, Blackberry’s, Palm Smart phones and Droid Phones.  With the app, users can download the application, and when a cab is needed, the user can press a button activating the app and calling a cab for you.

“As soon as you press the button, the application takes over,” said spokesman for the California Office of Traffic Safety.  “It reads from your phone, your GPS position, finds the nearest cab company that they contract with, and dispatches them automatically.”

The program then sends the taxi cab driver’s number to the user and updates on the cab’s location.  Don’t worry about paying for the taxi, either.  When the user signs up for the application, a credit card is placed on file, and that credit card number is authorized for the safe trip home preventing a car accident.

Thousands of people die every year as a result of car accidents caused by drunk driving.  “Taxi Magic” has been around since 2008, but as a result of endorsement by the California Office of Traffic Safety, the app has gotten more popular and more well-known.  Apps like these can only help reduce the large number of wrongful deaths and personal injuries.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego don’t discourage people of legal age to drink, but we urge they do so RESPONSIBLY.  That means realizing you can’t drive home because you’ve had too much.  This means calling a cab or a friend to drive you home instead of trying to drive yourself.  Turning 21 adds even more responsibility for you, so let technology lend a helping hand.

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