What Are Hard Tissue Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Multiple different injuries may affect a person who is hurt in a motorcycle wreck. These can include soft and hard injuries.

Hard injuries include:

Broken bones are extremely common for motorcycle accident victims, including fractures of the wrist and the pelvis. Furthermore, internal bleeding is very common and this can lead to trauma to one or more of the motorcyclist’s organs.

Hard injuries carry a risk of lifelong medical care and missed time at work. While each situation is unique and while every victim should be evaluated by a doctor, there are many people who have suffered hard injuries in motorcycle accidents and had their lives changed significantly. The expenses can rack up quickly for proper treatment of hard injuries from a motorcycle accident.

Second and third degree burns are also extremely common because of exposure to the motorcycle exhaust, manifold and motorcycle engine. The average temperature of a running motorcycle is approximately 230 degrees. When a car strikes a motorcyclist, and knocks that person off his or her bike, the only thing between a rider’s skin and the block of an engine is the pants or leather chaps worn. This is often not enough to stop a victim from sustaining second and third degree burns.

Hard injuries in a motorcycle accident should prompt you to contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. There are many different things that need to be considered in the management of an injury case including evaluation of your eligibility to come forward with a legal suit.

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