Our firm’s experienced San Diego personal injury attorneys want to educate clients before things like car accidents or slip and falls happen so they are aware of the injuries that can occur.

One type of injury that can leave permanent lasting effects are brain injuries.  Brain injuries vary in how severe they are, but they all cause difficulty in either cognitive or bodily functions like movement.

A common traumatic brain injury in car accidents is the concussion where the brain moves inside the skull.

There are three types of brain injuries, and of the three, mild brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose.  A physical exam may not show any signs of a brain injury and scans (i.e. MRI or CAT scans) do not always show changes.

No matter what type of brain injury you have, get checked out.  Brain injuries can cause wrongful death easily because some people dismiss a headache — a common symptom of many other more serious brain injuries — as just a headache.

Mild brain injuries (MBIs) may be caused by a minor automobile crash.  Typically, a period of unconsciousness is part of an MBI, but not al MBIs are marked by a loss of consciousness.  Changes in mental state can occur in MBIs and are easier to notice.

A concussion is the most common type of MBI.  A concussion usually happens when a blow to the head causes the brain to shake or move inside of the skull.  Concussions are usually graded on a scale of one to three.  The amount of time spent unconscious usually determines the level of the concussion.

A good idea to do after a car accident or anything causing a concussion is to see a neuropsychologist.  A neuropsychologist is a clinical psychologist that specializes in brain behavior relationships.

Neuropsychologists will perform tests on the person to determine if there have been changes in a person after the accident, for instance ask questions about personality and work ethic.  After a neuropsychologist does his testing, a consultation with a medical physician will determine final diagnosis of the patient.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys take every opportunity to educate clients before car accidents or slip and falls happen so they know exactly what can happen to them if they suffer a brain injury.

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