Brain injuries are personal injuries that are not the easiest to diagnose.  Many people in car accidents, for example, walk away with a small headache.  A headache could be just a headache, but a headache can also be the start of something else more serious.

Our firm’s experienced San Diego personal injury attorneys do what we can to prevent personal injuries before they happen. One way to prevent personal injuries is to educate people so they have the knowledge before these injuries happen.

Brain injuries can be caused by trauma, and the trauma of a car accident, for example, can lead to a loss of consciousness which can lead to another type of brain injury: an acquired brain injury.

If you are in a car accident that causes a loss of consciousness, the lack of oxygen can lead to an acquired brain injury.

Acquired brain injuries are a result of a lack of oxygen to the brain.  In a car accident, sometimes a person may lose consciousness.  The loss of consciousness can cause the brain to not receive oxygen.  If the correct amount of oxygen is not delivered to the brain, permanent brain damage can occur when the person wakes up, even if medical treatment has been attempted.

There are many different effects of an acquired brain injury.  They are classified under:

  • Physical – headache, fatigue and paralysis
  • Cognitive – difficulty processing information, memory loss
  • Perceptual – balance problems, a loss of taste or smell or sense in space or time
  • Behavioral – irritability or a new dependence on others

Acquired brain injuries can fall under one of two types: anoxic and hypoxic.  Anoxic brain injuries involve a lack of oxygen to the brain which is necessary for brain function.  Hypoxic brain injuries involve NOT ENOUGH oxygen being delivered to the brain as a result of drops in blood pressure or a loss of blood volume.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe educating clients before personal injuries are the best way to make sure people know what to expect after a car accident or slip and fall that causes a brain injury.  Brain injuries can cause serious problems to people because their effects can last for a long time after the accident.

In the last part of our head and brain series, we discuss the causes and effects of traumatic brain injuries.

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