The cost of medical bills continues to increase for everyone in the United States.  One of the government’s biggest goals is to reduce the amount of money that people spend on medical bills for people who suffer from personal injury from cases like car accidents.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego know that car accidents can cause serious personal injury whose treatments have high price tags in medical bills.  Some car accidents leave drivers and passengers with bumps and bruises, but more serious car accidents can result in life-changing physical disabilities that are not cheap to treat.

To help reduce the cost of medical bills in these personal injury cases, medical groups are coming together to cut the growth rate of national health care spending by 1.5 percent.

The plan would save $2,500 a year per family of four in the fifth year and a total of $2 trillion for the nation over 10 years.  The plan can drastically decrease the amount of money Americans spend on medical bills every single year.

In a letter to the government, health care industry leaders said they will do their part to achieve the government’s goals of decreasing the growth rate and reduce the millions of dollars spent by Americans every year for paying medical bills.  The letter was signed by executives of companies like the Advanced Medical Technology Association and the American Hospital Association.

If this plan goes through, the amount of money spent by people who suffer from personal injury in cases like car accidents would decrease significantly.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers support new legislation that will help people who get into car accidents pay their medical bills.  Some car accidents result in permanent personal injury like paralysis and require continuous treatment.  Lowering the amount in medical bills will help these people get the medical care they rightfully deserve.

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