Motorcyclists celebrate “Bike Week” every year despite resistance to prevent the annual festival from causing problems in cities like Daytona Beach.  City council officials in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina took greater steps to prevent motorcycle accidents and the resulting traumatic brain injuries.

Originally, the new laws in effect were an effort to try to discourage motorcyclists from coming to Myrtle Beach leading to complaints from residents.

For our motorcycle accident attorneys, the new laws can serve as a reminder to citizens of Myrtle Beach they must be just as mindful and careful as the tourists that come to their town every year.

An average of five people suffer wrongful deaths each year in motorcycle accidents during the rallies, which is about half the city’s annual total.  One law passed by the city council bans riding without a helmet and goggles.

Driving a car or riding a motorcycle, would you not want to take all necessary safety precautions to protect yourself in a possible motorcycle accident?  For example, motorcycle drivers often suffer major injuries costing thousands of dollars of medical bills for injuries ranging from the minor to severe.

How much cooler would you look riding in a wheelchair than on a motorcycle?  Think about it.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys believe it is important for all motorcycle riders to wear helmets that protect your body from the neck up.  This prevents brain damage or paralysis that could limit the use of your limbs from the neck down.  With everything available on the internet, it is possible for motorcycle riders to get a good helmet for a reasonable price.

Is it not better to spend $50 or $60 to prevent having spending $50 or $60 thousand to pay for your medical bills as you recover from your motorcycle accident.

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