As motorcycle accident attorneys, we know one of the most important steps to take before turning the key is putting on a motorcycle helmet.  Wearing a motorcycle accident can prevent serious personal injury if a motorcycle crash happens.

Many states have laws that require the use of a motorcycle helmet to prevent personal injury.  In Missouri, a law to prevent insurance companies from dropping coverage to motorcycle riders that were injured in a motorcycle crash while riding without a helmet has been proposed but not passed.  This law has been changed to repeal a mandatory helmet law in Missouri, also.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently found that in the 10 states helmet laws were lifted, helmet-use dropped in half and fatal motorcycle accident.  The NHTSA also said 42 wrongful deaths were prevented in Missouri in 2007 in motorcycle accidents because of helmet laws.

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious personal injury.  The rate of speed in motorcycles combined with their lack of size and features make motorcycle riders vulnerable to personal injury such as whiplash, spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis (i.e. paraplegia and quadriplegic) and traumatic brain injury like concussions.

A Missouri Department of Heath study of motorcycle accidents found that about 8 percent of riders without helmets died compared to 2.5 percent of those wearing helmets.

Not using a motorcycle helmet increases the chance for getting a more serious personal injury or wrongful death in motorcycle crashes.  Many motorcycle helmets are available at sporting goods stores or even online.  Paying a few hundred dollars now is better than paying a few thousand later.

As motorcycle accident lawyers, we know not using a motorcycle helmet can have permanent damaging personal injury.  It is important for motorcycle riders to be as cautious as possible before a motorcycle crash happens.

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