Baxter International Incorporated, who sells a type of heparin blood thinner in premixed bags, is under investigation for pharmaceutical liability that led to two wrongful deaths and personal injury to a third person.

Being San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that drug companies and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should keep a better watch on pharmaceuticals sold to the American population so that defective products are not put on the market.

Often times, product liability in drugs and defective medical products can cause personal injury or even wrongful death accident.  It is the job of the drug companies to make a safe pharmaceutical product and the FDA should catch any product deficiencies or harmful drugs before people use them in medical treatments.

Baxter claims that it is fully cooperating in the pharmaceutical liability investigation with the FDA and the Beebe Medical Center in Delaware.  This type of heparin is not part of the recall issued by the drug company in 2008 over heparin contaminated by Chinese suppliers.

We are San Diego personal injury lawyers who handle cases like these, where the producers of a dangerous medical product and the regulators in charge of catching product deficiencies should be held liable if defective products cause pharmaceutical liability and wrongful death accidents.

How are you supposed to recover from a personal injury if the drugs you are taking are only hurting your health?

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