A new study has found that high school football players experience greater acceleration forces to their heads when they collide with other players than college players do, possibly increasing the danger of injuries like concussions.

Thirty-five members of a varsity high school football team in Illinois wore devices in their helmets for one season that measured the forces their heads were subjected to upon being hit.  The researchers then compared the forces with those measured in the helmets of college football players.

The researchers found that not only did the high school players experience greater acceleration at impact than the older players did, but that the forces were not distributed the same way.  The biggest concern, the researchers said, involved impacts to the top of the helmet, which can lead to spinal cord injuries.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that high school sports are beneficial to young adults as they instill in them discipline, sportsmanship and a sense of belonging.  But coaches, especially those who coach high contact sports, need to properly teach the techniques to younger players that can prevent traumatic brain injuries and bone fractures.

One explanation for the differences in the head trauma between high school and college players is that stronger neck muscles may allow the college players to control their head motion better after impact limiting any injuries that may occur.

Either way, high school football players should not be getting concussions at such high rates.  Something needs to be done about this.

We know that football is a one of the most popular sports in America.  It is therefore essential that young players are taught to keep their heads up to avoid contact with the top of the helmet when getting hit by another player.  This alone will prevent many unnecessary injuries.

Less brain injuries in high school football will mean fewer children’s injuries total.  That is something everyone should strive for.

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