Most people usually do not put themselves back into situations where they got hurt at one point — after all, who really desires to be a glutton for punishment?  But athletes who play sports know that sometimes the call of the game is too alluring to stay away for too long, even after a spinal cord injury.  It takes more courage than most of us could imagine.

The Fredrick News Post reports that a high school wrestler who sustained a scary spinal cord injury last season, recovered and advanced to the Maryland state tournament this year.  Though he remembers when living with paralysis was a distinct possibility, the teen is back competing and has his sights set on winning it all.

Our firm’s San Diego paralysis attorneys feel that once you have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, the best thing to do is seek paralysis treatment and do not go into a similar situation where you might be hurt.  You want to avoid a spinal cord injury rather than deal with the aftermath.

The teen, however, seems to be determined to get back on track after last year’s upset.  He had made it to the semifinals as a freshman last year in the 135-pound division, but the match was stopped when he suffered a spinal cord injury when his neck was pulled back to his buttocks.  Here remembers the moment vividly.

I screamed.  They stopped the match and I just laid there.  They told me not to move because it was a spinal cord injury.

All of his coaches followed the paramedics out to the mat as the wrestler writhed in pain, asking to be taken out of the match.  That was the biggest indicator that maybe he was seriously hurt, and possibly going succumb to any of the varieties of paralysis that can affect athletes.

After three weeks, the teen had almost completely healed and ready to hit the mat again when wrestling season rolled around.

Our paralysis lawyers in San Diego are happy to report that this young man has amassed a 40-3 record, won the 145-pound 4A-3A North regional championship and finished third overall in the state.  Winning a regional title is impressive for any wrestlers — spinal cord injury or not.

Congrats for your third place finish at states!

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