We are living in the era of technological.  While technology is intended to make our lives easier, could it unintentionally lead to distracted drivers causing fatal car accidents?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that as new cars become more sleek and tech-savvy, current drivers might not know how to use all the gadgets and that could lead to serious auto accidents.  Our car accident attorneys in San Diego think that the Journal might be on to something.

Can the drivers of today handle the cars of tomorrow? (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

There seems to be a trend amongst auto companies to make their cars are technologically savvy as possible, and now, drivers sometimes need to divert their attention away from the road.  More things to look at in a car means more distracted drivers on the road — and more serious San Diego car accidents.

With computers becoming more common place inside of our cars, many less computer-savvy drivers might get confused by all the new devices.  Even worse, these drivers might not be prepared to solve a problem with this new technology and it might end up causing a car crash as they unwillingly become reckless drivers in the process.

Take for instance the carburetor.  It used to be that you could pop the hood of your car and see exactly where it was.  Since the late 1980’s, most cars run off of a fuel-injection system, making the carburetor obsolete.  How many adult or teen drivers know about that?

But the carburetor might be the least of our worries because other things, such as the ignition, are something drivers become familiar on a daily basis and are drastically changing.  Many new models of vehicles do not require a key to start the car, but instead only need the driver to push a button.  Not a big deal until you need to turn off the engine in an emergency, like unintended accerlation, which prompted Toyota’s biggest recall in the companies history.

If your car does experience unintended acceleration problems, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that you should not turn the ignition off until your car is off the road in a safe area.  The reason being is that the computer in your car takes away all control you have over the power steering and braking once you turn your ignition off.

How many of us would know that driving a new high-tech car off the lot?

For the car accident attorneys who work at our San Diego law firm, safety comes first.  Anything to avoid keeping you free of paying medical bills for personal injuries and staying alive is a good thing in our eyes.  If you are interested in purchasing a new car that is technologically equipped — more so than other vehicles — have the dealership show you the basic methods of usage as well as contingency plans for an emergency.  It might seem silly to be retrained on a car if you’ve been driving for a long time, but it could be the lesson that saves your life out on the road.

If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, then we urge you to contact our bilingual offices as soon as possible at 1-858-551-2090 or please click here for a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney in San Diego.  We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you owe us nothing until we recover money on your behalf.

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