Imagine walking down the street on the sidewalk, obeying all pedestrian laws and minding your own business.  All of a sudden, a car runs you over in a pedestrian accident, sending you flying, and causes personal injury.

This scenario seems out of the ordinary, but occurs more often than people think. 

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we understand that freak auto accidents do occur, and it may not happen while you are driving a car.  Pedestrian accidents also cause many personal injuries such as spinal cord injuries that may lead to paralysis.

While you may think this will never happen to you, a New York man probably never thought it would happen to him either.  But on Saturday May 14th, 2009, this individual was run over by a hit-and-run driver, sending him to the hospital with injuries.

“They ran him over, cold-blooded, and just kept moving, it was a smaller, like a mid-sized, two- or four-door vehicle, dark,” said a witness to the pedestrian accident.

Friends who witnessed the pedestrian accident say that there were no skid marks and no brake lights.  This indicates that the hit-and-run driver did not slow down, even after hitting him with his car.

Being pedestrian accident lawyers, we understand that the unthinkable does occur on the road and the personal injuries one endures can have emotional trauma.  Reckless drivers who cause car accidents, and worse, the people who cause hit-and-run wrongful deaths often drive away leaving the person hit to care for themselves.

Remember to always be careful on the road to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians.

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