AAA study says hit and run deaths at all-time high.  A new study released by the AAA foundation for traffic safety identified that there has been a 62% increase in the number of hit and run fatality recorded in national highway traffic safety administration data.  Hit and run deaths have negative repercussions for the entire family and can lead to wrongful death claims.

This means that many people are at risk of catastrophic injuries or even fatalities in a hit and run accident.  The study identified that more than 65% of victims in fatal hit and run crashes were cyclists or pedestrian and one out of every five pedestrian deaths over the last 10 years was caused by a hit and run crash.

Unfortunately, pedestrians and cyclists are at a much higher risk of being hurt in an accident like this because of their exposure to the environment.  Anyone who is representing the estate or is a surviving family member of someone struck in a San Diego fatal hit and run accident may be entitled to recover compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit, the support of a knowledgeable attorney who has helped many other victims and surviving family members is strongly recommended in order to increase the chances of success in a legal claim.

If hit and run deaths have taken their toll on your family, filing a legal claim may help with the lost support of a loved one.