Automobiles are not the only vehicles on the road.  Bicycles are also legally allowed to be on the road. However, many bicycles and automobile drivers are not aware of simple things they can do to decrease the chance of an automobile accident or a bicycle accident with a car.

Our firm’s experienced bicycle accident lawyers care about car accident prevention with automobiles and bicycles.  The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) publishes general safety tips for bicycles and automobiles.

There are also DMV bicycle/car commuting tips which should decrease the chance of an automobile accident with a bicycle.

  • Slow your car down when approaching a bicycle.
  • Keep 3-5 feet away from the bicycle as your automobile passes and check to make sure you can see the bicycle in your car’s rearview mirror before entering your lane again.  If for some reason you cannot pass the bicycle, do not follow closely behind the bicycle, in case it stops or swerves.
  • Use your automobile’s turn signal.  Do not pass a bicycle if you will be immediately turning right, and stay in the middle of the lane when turning right rather than blocking the shoulder or bicycle lane.
  • Do not honk your car’s horn at a bicycle!  If you do, the bicyclist may become startled and suddenly swerve, increasing the risk of a car accident.

According to the NHTSA, more than 700 bicycle riders died and 44,000 were seriously injured in 2006 as a result of pain and suffering from a personal injury that will mostlikely take years of medical treatment to repair.  Our firm’s bicycle accident lawyers, we strongly encourage any type of accident prevention between an automobile and a bicycle.

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