Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have been ordered to wear one.  Every day people have been ordered to wear one.  But how do alcohol monitoring bracelets work in preventing drunk driving by limiting alcohol consumption?  That is a question answered with the help of MSNBC.com.

Technology has become more useful in preventing repeat offenses of drunk driving which can cause an auto accident leading to personal injuries or wrongful death.  The same technology can be used to potentially curb or stop an addiction, which is what many believe LiLo is currently recovering from at the moment.

How does the SCRAM bracelet, like Lindsay Lohan’s, work to prevent drunk driving?

The Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) bracelet has been getting considerable press lately due to actress Lindsay Lohan being ordered by Los Angeles courts to wear one.  Recently, her bracelet allegedly went off at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday June 6, 2010.   In light of this, our firm wondered how it actually works?

“The easiest way to describe it is it’s like a Breathalyzer for your ankle,” reports noted.

Every half hour, the SCRAM bracelet automatically measures the alcohol content in the wearer’s sweat.  Blood alcohol levels of at least 0.02 percent — about one drink or less in an hour — can be detected.

Websites with details on how to beat the bracelet offer interesting ideas, but Brown says they can be beat.  Trying to wiggle out of it, for example, triggers an alert.  Sticking a piece of bologna between the bracelet and the skin?  Try again.  The device is equipped with temperature and infrared sensors issuing alerts when something is between the skin and bracelet.  How about submerging the bracelet in water?  Nope, that triggers an alert, too.

The bracelet can be set off by things other than alcohol.  Wearers are advised to avoid household products with alcohol in them like body washes, perfumes or mouthwash as well as certain household cleansers.  A law firm in Illinois warns clients that eating baked goods with yeast can cause the body to produce alcohol and trigger an alert.

Lindsay Lohan’s bracelet allegedly went off as a result of a drink being spilled on it.  Obviously, that can set it off, but Brown’s company’s data analysis team knows how to tell the difference.

“A spill or something else in the environment would create a rapid spike much faster than the body would ever consume alcohol and would evaporate and burn off much faster than the body can metabolize alcohol,” Brown explained.

In reference to Lindsay Lohan, our San Diego car accident lawyers will leave that to the justice system in Los Angeles.  We don’t know why her bracelet went off, nor do we want to speculate.  We will say the SCRAM bracelet definitely serves a purpose when it comes to preventing drivers with possible alcohol addictions from causing drunk driving accidents.

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