You don’t have to look too far from the local papers in San Diego to see just how devastating a pedestrian accident can be. It seems as if someone is struck by a car every single week. Many individuals are under the impression that accident victims are only those who are visiting the San Diego area, but this is incorrect.

Pedestrian accidents impact everyone living in San Diego from tourists to schoolchildren to individuals living here year round. Here are five key tips to avoid becoming a victim in a pedestrian accident.

  1. Don’t always trust your crosswalks. A crosswalk might be giving you the indication that it is safe but a crosswalk doesn’t have the ability to evaluate the traffic conditions. Make sure you look both ways before crossing the street.
  2. Be visible. The most common thing said by a driver who has hit a pedestrian is that he or she didn’t see the person before the accident happened. Being visible by wearing bright clothing can help to avoid this challenge.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. Even if you are following all proper safety precautions you should always be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of potential drivers who might not be paying attention.
  4. Staying off the streets in general. Staying off the busy streets in San Diego is critical because there are so many sidewalks available to you. So use them instead of walking in the street itself.
  5. Educate your children. Teaching your children about how to stay safe in your San Diego neighborhood and on the way to the bus stop can be essential for limiting accidents. The more vigilant you are about this situation the more likely you are to avoid a serious accident.