How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident on California Highways

If you were involved in a car accident on a California highway, you will want to obtain a copy of the official crash report. It’s always a good idea to keep a copy of accident documentation on file, and insurance companies often require that you submit a copy of the report during the claims process. 

You have a few different options when it comes to obtaining a California Highway Patrol collision report. Understanding what the process entails up front can save you time and help ensure you have the documentation you need if it’s necessary to recover accident compensation. 

How to Access a California Highway Accident Report

Accidents that occur on California highways are investigated by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). If an accident did not occur on a California highway, you’ll need to go through the office of whichever agency investigated the crash, such as a local California police department. 

You have three options for obtaining a copy of a CHP accident report. You can:

  • Visit any CHP station and request a copy
  • Submit a request by mail
  • Submit an online request for a copy 

If you use the CHP’s online Crash Report Search, you’ll need to register, upload identifying documentation, and pay the online fee. If you choose to visit an office or submit a request by mail, you need to provide the required identifying information by completing an Application for Release of Information, CHP 109 Form

Understanding the CHP 109 Form

Regardless of which route you choose to access a report, you’ll need to provide certain information. This helps the CHP verify which report you’re trying to access. It’s also used to verify that you’re authorized to access the crash report. 

If you’re requesting an online report, you’ll be guided to enter the required information through the online form. On the other hand, if you’re requesting a report in person or through the mail, you need to fill out the CHP 109 Form. 

This form asks you to provide information that includes:

  • Accident date
  • Accident location
  • Vehicle owner/driver 
  • Your name
  • Your address

You’ll need to include a photocopy of your driver’s license or ID. You can also have your signature notarized instead of including a copy of your ID. 

As part of the CHP 109 Form, you need to choose an option under the “Party of Interest” section. Your ID or notarized signature is required to prove your party of interest relationship. 

Not everyone can request a copy of a CHP accident report. You must have been personally involved in the crash, the parent or legal guardian of a minor involved in the crash, or an authorized entity, like an insurance company or car accident lawyer. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Crash Report?

When CHP officers arrive at the scene of a California car accident, they take down information about the crash and use this information to create an official crash report. However, this document isn’t immediately available. 

Reports are typically available eight days after the crash. In more complex cases, such as if the crash involved a fatality, it can take much longer for an investigation to conclude and the crash report to be completed. Once the report is available, it can take up to 10 days to receive a copy.

Getting Legal Help After a California Crash

California highway accidents bring loss of life, serious injuries, and untold financial strain. Understanding how to access a CHP report is the first step in collecting the documentation you need for a California car accident claim. 

At any stage of the claims process after a crash, a California car accident lawyer can advise you on how to best move forward. 

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