It’s never easy when somebody tailgates your vehicle on city streets or cuts you off on the highway, but you can control how you confront an aggressive driver. Make sure to maintain calm so that a bad situation doesn’t escalate and become even more dangerous.

Today, many drivers operate their vehicles too aggressively. This includes following too closely, failing to obey traffic controls, making improper turns, and exceeding the speed limit. This can also develop into road rage which is when a driver uses his or her vehicle or another weapon to cause harm or threaten another roadway user as a result of a traffic accident in San Diego.

Road rage is the escalation of aggressive driving and can be ignited by an accident. If you believe you are sharing the road with an aggressive driver, use the following tips in order to keep the situation from getting any worse.

  • Avoid conflict
  • Be as polite on the road as you would in any other situation
  • Don’t drive behind another vehicle when you have high beam headlights on
  • Never attempt to take the right of way. Instead wait for other drivers to give it to you
  • Avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver
  • Be forgiving and tolerant of someone else’s behaviors
  • Do not get out of your vehicle unless you absolutely have to after an aggressive driving incident

Following these tips can help protect you from someone else’s road rage and aggressive driving behavior making a difficult situation.