It’s almost summer break, a time that means kids are spending more time at home and enjoying the beautiful weather. While children are used to safety rules in school and teachers and crossing guards ensuring they are kept out of harm’s way, it’s important to take all necessary steps to warn children about injuries over the summer, too.

Some of the most common summer activities in which children sustain injuries over the summer include sunburns, slip and fall accidents at the pool or playground, being struck in the street or in parking lots by cars backing out, or being hurt in vehicle accidents.

As schools begin to wind down and children are now out playing in the neighborhood, it is important to remember that their chances of being involved in a car accident may increase if they are playing in or near the street. Although many parents will be aware of the fact that children are now home for the summer, other people may not be paying as much attention and this could mean that summer break could lead to a dangerous accident for your children. It is equally important to ensure that your child never overheats in a booster or car seat. Leaving a child alone inside a vehicle is another way that children can be critically injured.

Make sure that your children are aware that they need to play away from the street wherever possible. Having a fenced in backyard is a situation that not everyone is able to have, but it goes without saying that you should educate your children about the potential dangers of playing in or around the street where other drivers might not be paying proper attention. Keep an eye on your children if they are paying outside and are at risk of being struck by a vehicle like a truck or a car and sustaining injuries over the summer.

Children’s car accident injuries can be catastrophic and it can affect their ability to develop into a healthy young adult. In the event that your child is involved in a car accident, please ensure that they receive appropriate medical attention immediately as this could help to identify serious issues like a concussion and protect them in the future.