As the economy is forcing more people to be their own boss, many people are trying to find ways to have health insurance when they are running their own small company and are looking for advice on how to pay their personal injury medical bills.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that when you get a personal injury, from a slip and fall accident or a car accident, it can cost you a fortune to pay the medical bills.  If you are found out to have no health insurance to cover the cost of your medical bills for your personal injuries, you may be rejected by a hospital or clinic and suffer a wrongful death accident for not receiving the proper medical treatment.

But what do you do to pay your medical bills if you are self-employed and do not receive healthcare benefits from a big company?  Here are some tips if you are a new small business owner and need to find healthcare that will cover your medical bill costs in the event of a personal injury, like a car crash:


If you are an entrepreneur working 70-hour weeks, this may not make sense for you. But if you are a writer, an actor, or any another type of artists with more time than money, or you have a personal injury that makes it difficult to find affordable coverage, a part-time job can keep you from drowning in medical bill.


Professional organizations and local chambers of commerce typically offer good options for the self-employed, but be weary of scams out there that are simply looking to just sell insurance and do not represent a bona fide insurance company.


An independent broker represents several insurance companies and can match you with a provider that offers the best rate and coverage for personal injury medical bills. An experienced broker can help you figure out your priorities for healthcare and explain what is locally available for you.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe everyone should take care of themselves and put their health as a top priority.  If you are a new boss of your own business, do your homework to find out what insurance or healthcare plan works best for you.

If you were injured and believe that you deserve compensation, then call our bilingual law offices right away at 1-858-551-2090 or click here for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney and find out how we can help you.  We look forward to providing good advice for your case.  There is no fee if no recovery.