There is no doubt that motorcycling is a popular hobby throughout San Diego. In many cases motorcyclists prefer to ride together in groups whether it is just to enjoy an outing with their friends or to attend a rally. Riding with a group does have significant advantages such as the safety of numbers and greater visibility on the road, but it is also important to do everything that you can in order to avoid traffic collisions on San Diego motorcycle rides.

One of the best ways to do this to have effective communication with all potential riders. Have a group meeting before heading out on the road and discuss how you’ll use hand signals as well as other important issues like the type of route you are going to take. Rest stops and time to refuel and determining the tail riders and leaders of the group is also important. Ensure that at least one motorcycle in your group ride has a first aid kit with it. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends groups of between 5 and 7 motorcycles maximum. Having a bigger size could cause problems changing lanes and sticking together.

Where possible, ride in a staggered formation. This means that each motorcyclist has enough space to maneuver and to react appropriately if there are crash hazards. Riding side by side can be problematic because there is little space to maneuver or move if there is an emergency. Teamwork works together for safe riding. Riders in the front should always be checking their rearview mirrors to ensure that no riders are left behind. Following these simple tips can help to avoid motorcycle accidents in San Diego.