Have you ever thought about using distracted driving phone apps? Distracted driving is a growing epidemic in the United States and nine people die every single day because of distracted driving behavior. The sad thing about distracted driving behavior is that it can be completely prevented.

Making a pledge to end distracted driving is often the first step for someone who recognizes the significant consequences. Although distracted driving is not a new danger on the roads of the United States, it is a very real threat that continues to grow because every day, people are hurt or killed as a result of an accident tied to distracted driving.

Distracted driving phone apps might be just what you need to avoid this behavior. Distracted driving phone apps can also help with a teen driver who might otherwise be tempted to text and drive.

Applications on your phones can be extremely powerful for removing any of the temptation to take a look at your device while you are driving. Since reading just once text message can pull your eyes from the road for up to 5 seconds, you can incentivize safe driving by using a mobile phone application. Distracted driving apps aim to keep your focus on the road and away from your phone. There are many different types of distracted driving applications available and one may be provided by your cellphone carrier. When thinking about how to select a distracted driving app, consider the following issues:

  •               Will it provide notifications to parents?
  •               Are there any rewards for driving distraction-free and safely?
  •               Do you have the ability to block phone calls and messages?
  •               Is the app compatible with your phone?
  •               Can it track the miles that you have driven safely?

This will help you to select an appropriate phone application that helps to curb the distracted driving behavior and help you stay committed to better safety on the road. Distracted driving phone apps can help to prevent accidents and keep your eyes on the road.