Did you know that the very device that could be causing your teen’s problems in the car with regard to distraction can actually be used to help avoid distraction in the first place? If you understand how to use some of the most common tools out there, you can actually enable apps on your teen’s phone that help to discourage or completely prohibit texting and driving altogether.

New applications are being deployed across the technology sector that help empower parents to prevent accidents and encourage safety with teenage drivers. For example, the developer of Smart Drivinc used his own experience with an accident to develop technology that helps to discourage drivers from being distracted by their cellphones. The device is installed inside a car and then connected with a smartphone app to disable functionality while the car is being driven as well as monitoring the phone’s usage. The technology is so advanced that it can even tell the difference between a passenger and a driver’s cellphone to help ensure that drivers are distraction free and driving safe.

This has many different benefits including fewer traffic incidents, promoting safety behind the wheel and even allowing individuals to obtain insurance discounts. As a parent you are certainly in the driver seat when it comes to using technology like this to help teach your teenage drivers the importance of driving without distractions. Since teenage drivers already face higher risks with accidents anyways, it’s a good idea to use these systems to help promote safety behind the wheel.

If you are concerned about your teen texting and driving, it is important to reinforce general driving rules, particularly over the summer. Summer is one of the most dangerous times for fatal teen car accidents. With teens out of school and on the roads, make sure you have established clear ground rules for driving.