Oil refiners say new legislation which aims to decrease carbon dioxide emissions will raise prices for consumers, force some refineries to close and increase foreign imports from countries that don’t have to abide by similar rules.  Higher oil prices could lead to more car accidents as the quality of oil drops due to the price heightening and refineries closing.

As car accident attorneys, we believe that auto accidents happen many times cars are given defective products.  If you are in a car crash, you may suffer a personal injury that cause you a lot of pain and suffering, as well as lost wages as you might be out of work for an extended period of time.

The Waxman-Markey bill, legislation brought forth by the Obama administration, requires a slightly higher target for reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide but it is making just about every sector of the oil and natural-gas industry not happy.

Some critics of the bill claim that it could actually increase pollution because the standards by which new cars must comply will make higher sales prices forcing some consumers to stick with their older cars.  Thus, the fewer new cars bought will increase pollution causing significant personal injury from breathing in bad air and from car accidents as the older cars are not as safe as their newer predecessors.

As car accident lawyers, we believe that if the oil which you put into your car is bad it can turn into bad auto accident.  If cars are given defective products to use, for example unrefined oil, it can cause a design defects that lead to car crashes and leave you looking for help to pay your medical bills.

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