Flying cars are still decades away from being developed and sold to the general population, but now Honda Motor Company is working on creating an automobile that allows a person to drive, steer, and get into car accidents through the power of thought.

Our car accident attorneys know that too often driver distractions lead to auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death accidents.  The mind already gets pulled away through on-road advertising and other drivers—now there is one more potential hazard added to a dangerous situation.

So what happens when distracted minds are the hands at the wheel of an automobile?

In Tokyo in March of 2009, Honda unveiled a new car control system where mental commands control a robotic device.  The company plans to implement this technology into a line of autos already in development.

The way this car system works is by allowing a human to give orders through a helmet that measures the brain’s blood flow and electrical currents that are commonly associated with various commands.

According to Honda, the car system currently functions at 90% accuracy.  Is that number good enough for drivers looking to avoid automobile accidents?

Experts in brain-machine interfaces say Honda has an impressive system of robotics which requires just a few hours of human training.  This would create a whole new generation of drivers who believe they are able to control a car simply by concentrating their minds on the road instead of practicing good driving techniques.

Some critics say this is a bunch of smoke and mirrors for an auto company that ranked number two in Japan.  They have delayed construction on a new plant and quit the Formula One auto racing circuit so to keep up with the economy they are venturing into territory that puts drivers at risk while on the road.

We, as car accident attorneys, worry that this robotic-human brain technology will cause more automobile accidents because drivers can become lazy, switch to auto pilot and their minds will lose control at the steering wheel.

Think about it…just not while driving your car.

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