Having the right motorcycle helmet could save your life.  For years, our motorcycle lawyers have said that the right helmet was one that not only protects your entire skull but it also fits well on your head.

Pretty soon, you may need to make sure your helmet has cooling technology built in to minimize brain trauma as well as being a good fit.  This latest development in helmet technology actually begins to treat your injury immediately after an accident.

Cooling limits the damage a traumatic brain injury.

If you think about it, the ice-pack helmet makes a lot of sense.  After all, ice is almost always a form a treatment for bruises or broken bones to help reduce swelling.  A traumatic brain injury could cause your brain to swell, so cooler temperatures inside your helmet should limit that swelling and its resulting damage.

So how does the ice-pack helmet work in a motorcycle crash?

Under the carbon-fiber lid, there are two lightweight chemical packs.  One of the packs contains water while the other is composed of ammonium nitrate.  The two packs mix together on impact and produce a cooling sensation to work like an instant ice pack.  When you get into a motorcycle crash with the Thermhelm, it instantly cools your brain and reduces the risk of brain trauma.

ThermaHelm helmets cost more than a normal motorcycle helmet (about $490), but can you imagine the tragedy — much less the medical costs — of a serious head injury that leads to brain damage?  Is that little extra cost worth potentially saving your life?  That’s something for you to determine on your own.  Just know that a motorcycle accident is always a possibility and all that protects the most important organ in your body from rock-hard asphalt is your helmet.

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