State lawmakers across the country are attempting to make changes in the way concussions are dealt with at the youth and high school levels.  The amount of sports-related brain injuries, namely concussions, has been rising in recent years, and many lawmakers believe change is necessary.

In Idaho, state lawmakers have proposed a law to change how concussion prevention is handled.

Our brain injury attorneys have noticed the rising number of athletes who suffer concussions every year, and we applaud this and any other proposed laws that are designed to ensure the safety of these athletes.  After all, your brain is the most important organ in your body, and everyone should do what they can to protect it.

The initial version of the proposed law made by Idaho lawmakers directed parents, coaches and players to take training courses in identifying concussions and also ordered coaches in public schools to take players out who are suspected of having concussions.  In order for that player to get back on the field, the law stipulates the player must get a written clearance note from a licensed medical doctor.

Changes were made in the proposal because more leeway was given to coaches in identifying concussions.  The new wrinkle says if it is obvious a player has suffered a concussion and the coach shows “gross negligence” by not removing the athlete, that coach could be liable.

Concussions can be tricky to diagnose and treat because of their wide range of symptoms, but doctors are getting more informed about brain injuries.  More and more, athletes take a shot to the head and develop the post-concussion syndrome symptoms (headache or dizziness) and feel they can shake it off and get back out there.  That’s how a brain injury can get worse as you are prone for another concussion.

The old law wanted parents to sign a concussion information sheet for their young players every year.  The new law doesn’t have that part.  The Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) already has something that does that.  The House State Affairs Committee unanimously approved sending the law to the House’s amending order to make the changes.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego want all athletes at all levels of play to be able to enjoy the game they love as long as possible.  Sports-related brain injuries can drastically decrease the amount of time you can play, so not only do players need to be responsible for their health, but the adults in charge of protecting the health of their athletes need to be responsible as well.

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