On May 24, 2009, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his administration started a plan to reduce traffic problems in Midtown by closing two sections of Broadway to cars, from 47th to 42nd Streets and 35th to 33rd Streets.

The measure is an effort to reduce traffic on one of the busiest and most popular streets in America.  However, the redirection of traffic can cause car accidents and pedestrian accidents because drivers are not used to streets they do not normally use.

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we know how crazy traffic becomes when a major highway has detours.  Traffic on Broadway in New York City can sometimes be similar to that of any major highway during rush hour.

Imagine being a driver in New York City, and you have to take a detour down a street you do not know.  What happens if you have to take a turn and changing lanes leads to a car accident that leads to whiplash, spinal cord injuries causing paralysis (i.e. paraplegia and quadriplegia) as well as a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion or bleeding on the brain?

Imagine being a tourist walking on Broadway.  You are minding your own business when a car veers out of control causing a pedestrian accident that leads to personal injury or wrongful death.

The new program, known as Green Light for Midtown, allows tourists and residents to walk down Broadway to shop and sights see without the immediate possibility of a pedestrian accident.

“It’s an important first step to ease traffic and sidewalk congestion and create safe, attractive spaces that are good for business,” said New York’s transportation commissioner.

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we believe there is nothing wrong with this method of reducing traffic.  However, we do believe this maneuver actually makes traffic conditions worse.  Redirecting traffic always becomes difficult to drivers who are used to going in certain directions.  Unfamiliarity causes jumpiness, which can lead to car accidents.

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