The Red Light District has nothing on the Red Light Camera Industry when it comes to immorality.  For one thing, the Red Light District does not knowingly put people at risk for car accidents.

Italy is in the midst of its government’s largest investigation ever, and it concerns the illegal use of a photo ticketing enforcement at red lights named T-Redspeed.  Over 100 people are under investigation as all red light cameras have been shut down across Italy.  The main cog in this corruption scandal — the creator of the T-Redspeed “smart” traffic system — is being investigated for fraud on suspicion that he illegally forged transport ministry certification for his system.

Our firm’s experienced car accident attorneys believe that anything that helps to prevent DUI accidents and personal injuries is a good thing.  However, when it is used for illegal purposes, then it turns into a bad thing.

The Italian Ministry of Transportation recommends a minimum yellow light of 3 seconds for intersections with a posted speed of 50 km per hour (37 mph), 4 seconds for 60 km/hr (37 mph) and 5 seconds for 70 km/hr (43 mph).

Used by over 300 municipalities in Italy, the T-Redspeed system placed many cameras at high-speed intersections with yellow times as short as just 3 seconds — sometimes half the time recommended by the ministry — to catch car drivers that run red lights.  There are reports saying that some intersections went from 15 red light runners a day to more than 1,000, and that the scheme may have cost car drivers more than $1.68 million.

This greed leads car accidents when people try to run these yellow lights, only to find that they are obscenely shortened, and soon people are dangerously running red lights.  This is just the way that wrongful death accidents occur, by people running a red light at high speeds.

This individual is not alone, however, as 63 chiefs of police and 39 government officials are also being investigated for these crimes.  Even the local police are suspected of stamping these automated tickets without giving them a proper review.

This is not a problem limited to Italy, camera programs in the U.S. are also causing car accidents due to shortened yellow lights.  In fact, photo enforcement lobbyists modified signal timing guidelines as early as 1985 to shorten yellow lights and successfully avoided legal troubles.

It seems as though the T-Redspeed system is just the tip of the iceberg.  Yellow light infringements are occurring throughout the world as lawmakers and private companies attempt to maximize revenue.  This should never occur at the expense of driver safety.  These despicable people are getting more money while fatal car accidents are happening right in front of them.

The worst part: politicians and police officers — public servants — are the ones that have gained the most by putting profit ahead of driver safety.

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