The U.S. Department of Energy has been taking applications for $2.4 billion in funding to create a battery-manufacturing plant to produce batteries that will power a new kind of car.  The competition and desire to produce these batteries can lead to products liability lawsuits in the future.

Companies that are competing for the money include General Motors Corp., Dow Chemical Co., Johnson Controls Inc. and A123 Systems, a battery maker with support from General Electric Company.

The car accident lawyers at our San Diego firm believe it is necessary to begin the new era of cars that are powered by alternative energy.  However, it is important for the company who will be producing these batteries to make sure that all steps are taken to ensure driver safety and that all product liability concerns are addressed.

Hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius currently use nickel-metal-hydride batteries to power their cars.  The batteries that would be produced in the new plants would be lithium-ion batteries.  They are lighter and more powerful than lead or nickel-metal-hydride.

Several American companies have demonstrated improvements that make larger versions of lithium-ion batteries safe and practical for use in cars and trucks.  Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries are more prone to fire than their counterparts.

This presents a dangerous situation if the battery could potentially catch fire unexpectedly.  An explosion from a battery can lead to the wrongful death of the driver and passengers.  Further car accidents can occur if the explosion happens on a busy street or highway where other cars can crash into it.

The San Diego car accident lawyers at our firm know that the new wave of cars must not be dependent on the fuels that have powered them in the past.  There are waves of support for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, but when considering alternatives, companies need to be responsible and continue to maintain the same levels of safety in new cars as in old cars to prevent needless car accidents.

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