A multiple vehicle accident in California can lead to major injuries and damage costs. It can also generate plenty of legal questions from the perspectives of any victims. According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a car accident happens once every 60 seconds.

This means that nearly 6 million vehicle accidents happen every single year. Did you know that almost one-third of these involve a multiple vehicle collision or pileup? All it takes is one person who is distracted for a moment or driving recklessly to cause a chain reaction of travel trailers, trucks, cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to all crash into one another.  

With thousands of pounds of metal and glass involved in these types of accidents, the risk of serious injuries is quite high. Unfortunately, multiple vehicle collisions are notoriously more deadly than a two-car accident. Since several cars hitting one car can lead to injuries from many different directions, this also means a greater deal of bent steel, broken gas or leaking gasoline that could cause fires. A passenger who is unable to get out of their vehicles after a multi- car pileup, maybe in shock and require extensive medical treatment. Determining liability in multi car accidents and figuring out the relevant evidence associated with such a claim is crucial.

Being able to take pictures and videos immediately after a multiple vehicle accident is imperative. If you have another passenger in the car who is not significantly injured, you may request that this person assist you with the collection of such evidence. This may prove important in your later car accident claim with the insurance company or in your personal injury legal claim later on.