Maclaren has reported that 30,000 strollers throughout North America have a potential amputation and laceration hazard. Now, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada in partnership with Maclaren have issued a voluntary recall over the potential risk.

Since 1999, over one million strollers have sold, and dozens of reports have been filed alleging personal injury from using the stroller. Reported children’s injuries have included amputations and lacerations from regular stroller use.

The strollers are specifically Jogging Strollers imported by the brand phil&teds USA. While parents have used stroller to job with children, reported finger-tip amputations and two lacerations have occurred, according to the brand’s statement.

Concerned parents need to look for sport V2 and classic v1 stroller models with single seats designed for jogging.

Of these models, the following styles have been recalled:



Quest Sport

Quest Mod

Techno XT


Twin Triumph

Twin Techno

Easy Traveler

Please look for the following serial numbers:

Serial numbers 0308/0001 through 0510/0840

Serial numbers 0308/0001 through 0510/0906

Strollers were made in China, and sold at Babies “R” Us and Target. The amputations and lacerations occurred as strollers were opened and closed, causing the hinges to catch the fingers of children who were seated in the stroller, a spokeswoman for the company said.

Parents who have purchased the strollers should immediately stop their use and contact the manufacturer at 1-877-688-2326 for a free repair kit.

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