WellPoint Inc., America’s biggest medical insurance company, with nearly 35 million members, will no longer be able to offer health coverage to individuals suffering from a personal injury who have been laid off.

As personal injury attorneys in San Diego, we understand that individuals who suffer personal injuries may not able to pay their medical bills because they do not have health insurance.  Without proper coverage, injured persons can go broke trying to get medical bills paid or experience a significant amount of lost wages .

WellPoint health insurance reported a 1.3% drop in their first-quarter net income on April 22, 2009.

The insurance company said it had shed nearly 500,000 injured persons under their health plan since the end of December, 2008.  WellPoint was preparing for the downturn in the economy, but claimed to be caught off guard by the nearly 325,000 members it lost to layoffs or injured persons otherwise opting out of employer coverage, whether from car accidents or due to a personal injury.

Nine million people have lost employer-sponsored health coverage since December 2007, according to a Kaiser Permanente report, and about four million of them currently are uninsured.  An additional 3.6 million are estimated to have enrolled in Medicaid or other public programs to help cover personal injuries.

Imagine what a dangerous scenario this is, potentially increasing the number of uninsured injured persons who are involved in fatal car accidents.  You are called into your boss’s office one day and told that you are being let go from the company.  On your way home from work, already distracted from the events of the day, you get into a car accident where you suffer a personal injury.

But you lost your job and health coverage at the same time, so how are you going help pay the medical bills without any insurance?

As personal injury attorneys in San Diego, we know how serious car accident cases can be and that the severity only increases when an injured person does not have proper health coverage to help pay medical bills.

No one should have to go through pain and suffering due to a personal injury auto accident.

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