Insurance companies that cover homeowners have begun a new trend: they are dropping claims or refusing to renew policies until the problem is fixed … by an entity other than them.

After Hurricane Katrina, there was a large surge of home building in the Gulf of Mexico region.  Because Chinese drywall was cheap and in large amounts, a lot of homes were made with this drywall.  The defective Chinese drywall emits a sulfur compound and traces of another combination called strontium sulfide.  This causes a rotten-egg like smell along with the possible corrosion of pipes and has led to the destruction of electronics such as televisions and air conditioners.

About 500 million pounds of gypsum board made in China have created hundreds of products liability claims.  Many of these claims have been refused by insurers.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers believe this is another example of products liability on the part of insurance companies who may or may not have people’s best interest as a top priority.  This is a legitimate situation that has caused a lot of grief and aggravation to all the people who bought homes without knowing about the Chinese drywall.

When you buy a home, you buy home insurance to fix problems caused by someone else.  If insurers aren’t doing their job, who is on the side of the homeowner when design defects like this happen.  Hiring an experienced products liability attorney can help you with your case when you believe you have no one that will help you.

In several cases, the insurer found out about the drywall by a claim being filed by the homeowner looking to get financial help in removal.

Why are insurers so quick to offer assistance when giving a policy, but just as quick to deny you with the help you paid for?  The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego law firm think this speaks clearly about how much insurance companies look out for their profits and not your life.  When you experience a personal injury, you want to make sure that you find the best medical treatment available for you so that it is possible to feel better quickly and completely.

You don’t want to leave out a possible option that could affect your health down the line.

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