New data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have some experts in the field arguing that distracted driving has become a nationwide epidemic. According to the research, traffic accidents in the United States increased by 7.2% in the last year.

This is, in fact, the biggest increase in fatal traffic crashes in 50 Years. Distracted driving played a significant role in at least 10% of those accidents. Distracted driving encompasses far more than talking on the phone. Although texting or talking on a cellphone can certainly be extremely dangerous behind the wheel of a car, so can applying makeup, drinking, eating food, talking to other passengers and generally being distracted or looking at something else.

Distracted driving endangers everyone and is simply not worth it. Considering the catastrophic injuries or even fatalities that might emerge after a serious car accident, it’s better to avoid distracted drivingd in the first place.

Just a couple of seconds of attention pulled away from the road can lead to a catastrophic accident and even a personal injury claim. Those individuals who are found to have contributed to the fault of an accident by driving distracted may be responsible for compensation paid out to any victims, be they other vehicle drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.