Many people have had the experience of being behind the wheel of a car while also feeling tired. Knowing how to handle the situation and just how dangerous it can be for others is critical to avoiding potential accidents across San Diego.

According to research from the National Sleep Foundation, three leading groups face the highest risks of being involved in a drowsy driving accident: professional drivers like truckers, college students, and medical interns and residents.

There are always many risks associated with tired driving, but this can be especially true during the winter months when darkness falls early in the afternoon. All of a sudden a tired driver who may have previously relied on daylight as a tool to help fight sleepiness will lose this crutch and accident rates increase as a result. As you prepare to hit the road during a time when you are tired, make sure to turn up the radio and have an extra cup of coffee, if necessary.

Never operate your vehicle if you are feeling too tired or feel as though your eyes are closing. You need to pullover or ask someone else to drive in order to avoid dangerous accidents.