Ford Motor Company is ironing out the details in their plan to convert their Michigan plant into one that produces the new compact Focus model, but could this move mean that an unpopular car in the United States will join the small car trend and add to the increase of automobile accident statistics in America?

Our firm’s car accident lawyers believe that smaller cars are often built with structures that are not designed to withstand an auto accident.  Many times, when these cars are involved in automobile accidents they can be the cause of personal injury and even wrongful death.

Initially launched in the United States in 2000, Ford first aimed the Focus at young drivers and alienated many of their core customers.  Upon the Focus’ introduction to Europe, early models were stripped of features to reduce their price, resulting in a less desirable automobile.

Now who is to say that Ford will not do the same thing with this smaller version of the car, taking out all of the safety measures that would prevent serious personal injuries and wrongful death from occurring during a car crash?

The company is looking to bring six new small cars to the American market by the end of 2012 based on projected economic growth in that area.

When smaller cars are hit by bigger ones, the result can be the passengers experience personal injuries, which are then accompanied by a large amount of pain and suffering and they need help in finding a way to pay their medical bills.

Our car accident lawyers see cases every day where personal injuries and fatal car accidents happen because smaller cars were improperly designed to withstand the impact of a car crash.  We urge all drivers to thoroughly research which automobile works best for them before deciding to purchase one.

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