According to research from the UK, about 1/3 of adults believe that driving is the worst time to sneeze although it’s an involuntary reaction. According to previous research, over 2 million drivers have crashed because they sneezed while at the wheel. This means that 7% of adults have suffered a roadway accident as a result of sneezing. Motorists can travel up to 50 feet blind if they sneeze behind the wheel, and not being able to see what’s around them, this could even lead to car accidents.

While there is no way to stop a sneeze from happening, you should remember that a sneeze should only last for a couple of seconds, if that. Try to always keep your eyes focused on the road. Never engage in going higher than the posted speed limit because doing so and having to sneeze or being distracted in some other way could lead to critical accidents and injuries.

Have you been in a car accident because your eyes were drawn away from the road for just a couple of seconds as a result of being distracted? If so, you could be facing serious consequences and you could be held responsible in a San Diego court if your actions injured someone else.

Even if you might not be to blame for the accident, someone who has behaved recklessly or negligently could be held responsible in a court of law if their distracted driving caused other people to suffer damage and injuries. In this case, you should consider filing a personal injury claim.