Your phone may not be the most distracting item in your vehicle after all. According to federal data, more than half of the distracted driving accidents across the country were actually caused not by cell phones, but by talking with passengers instead.

The next most likely distraction, of course, is your phone, whether it’s Googling something, looking at directions, taking a picture, texting or dialing numbers. However, using your phone and being distracted in that manner only accounts for about 12% of distracted driving accidents.

Talking with passengers could actually pose a greater risk for you being involved in a car accident than your cellphone. Conversations with passengers contribute to 57% of distracted auto accidents as compared with phone use, actions with passengers, everything else and a focus on internal objects. In order to more proactively address the problems associated with distracted driving, targeting cellphones alone won’t solve the problem. You can help to avoid accidents in California by refusing to use your phone while you’re driving, but also paying attention and avoiding conversations with passengers.

The majority of the time that individuals get into car accidents, they are not distracted by anything particular in their car. General inattentiveness in fact, or just being wrapped up in your thoughts and having lost focus contributes to the majority of your mistakes. Talking with passengers can prove to be a deadly distraction if you’re not aware of the road in front of you. Prevent an accident by staying focused at all times.