While the original Segway vehicle did not revolutionize transportation, a General Motors-Segway electric automobile may start a whole new category of motor vehicle accident.

The two companies announced their electric two-wheel, two-seat prototype in New York on Tuesday, April 07, 2009. The 300 lb. two-seat automobile has a lithium-ion battery, dual electric wheel motors and zero emissions and can reach speeds of 35 mph with the power to travel 35 miles on a single charge.


Our car accident lawyers are intrigued and concerned about this new automobile technology. One the one hand, it would appear to be a low-emission alternative to a car in the city, but can its new design be a danger to injury in a car accident. What will the types of injuries be in this type of auto accident?

To auto accident attorneys, this new automobile needs to help car accident statistics — not make them deadlier

GM Vice Preside of Research and Development thinks that this new automobile should cost around a quarter to a third of the cost of today’s average car but declined to announce pricing. GM hopes to have the automobile into production by 2012.

We hope car drivers can take safe driving to heart before injuring themselves in a Segway accident.

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