Many people have probably heard the old myth that red cars cost more to insure. Individuals may have also heard the myth that red cars are typically linked to more accidents. It’s difficult to pinpoint how this myth originated. Some individuals claim, however, that the bright red color of these cars draws attention from authorities who are more likely to give tickets.

Where more tickets are likely to be given, it would seem like a logical conclusion that insurance rates would be higher. Although there are plenty of individuals in the scientific community including color psychologists who would argue that color certainly has an impact on behavior, mood, and health, there have been very few empirical studies about the relationship between crash risk and car color.

As of the writing of this blog, there has been no conclusive study written in the United States to either support or deny comprehensively the claims about car color and how this impacts safety. There are numerous different factors that car insurance companies consider in providing you your insurance rate but you should not be concerned about the color of your vehicle being a primary basis for the rate you will ultimately pay.

Your car insurance rates might go up after a serious car accident, that’s for sure. Make sure you follow up with your insurance company any time that you have been involved in an accident.