The worst can happen at any time when you are driving a car on the road.  A wrong turn or a miscalculation can lead to a car accident causing personal injury.  Going to the hospital is the next logical step after the car crash.

However, with doctors getting perks from drug makers often, will you really be treated correctly when you get into a car accident?

A new report by the Institute of Medicine — which is part of the Natural Academy of Sciences — charges doctors, medical schools and hospitals with taking freebies of drug samples, money and gifts.

“It is time for medical schools to end a number of long-accepted relationships and practices that create conflicts of interest, threaten the integrity of their missions and their reputations, and put public trust in jeopardy,” the report concluded.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys first priority is the health of our clients, before and after a car accident.  If hospitals and doctors have made deals with medical and pharmaceutical companies, then how can we make sure that our clients are getting the proper care they need when personal injuries occur as a result of a car accident?

According to a survey done in 2007, more than three-quarters of doctors accepted free drug samples and free food, more than a third got financial help for medical refresher courses and more than a quarter were paid for giving lectures and enrolling patients in clinical trials.

The new report asks the United States Congress to pass laws requiring drug and device makers to make all payments made to doctors publically known.  Two senators have also co-sponsored the laws to do that.  If this new legislation passes, it could mean proper, non-biased care to people who experience the pain and suffering of a personal injury.

Our car accident lawyers believe that anyone that unfortunately gets into a car crash should receive the best medical treatment possible.  This means that doctors should not be working with a company that has its own agenda.

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