The Washington Post has reported that a Daniele International has recalled a shipment of Italian sausage that used an imported black pepper believed to have had traces of salmonella in it.  225 in 44 states and the District of Columbia have reported illnesses.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that you should never risk eating a food product that has been recalled because if it is associated with product liability, then that means it is dangerous.  Even if you do not eat any of the sausage or salami being recalled, yet keep it in your kitchen and around kids, who is to say that it couldn’t inadvertently cause children’s injuries to your young ones?

No wrongful deaths have been reported from those who have eaten the meat products, but an estimated 26 percent sought medical treatment for themselves after falling ill.  In March, 2009 white and black pepper with salmonella was found to be the culprit behind 42 people’s illness, prompting Union International Food of California to initiate a food recall on the pepper.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that 1.2 million pounds of ready-to-eat salami was contaminated with salmonella and recalled by Daniele Internation on January 22, 2010.  The Rhode Island company explained the recall on February 4, 2010 to include 23,754 extra pounds of salami products.

The personal injury lawyers at our firm urge you to take place in the recall and to return all products that you believe could be harmful when ingested.  Though it is never a good thing to waste food, it is far worse to eat something that might make you very sick.

For more information on the recall and what you can do, call (888) 345-4160 or visit Daniele International’s website and click on the FAQs.

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