You might be under the impression that your own insurance company is looking out for your best interests, but it can be an unfortunate surprise to realize that they are more concerned with profits and identifying who is truly responsible for the accident than necessarily representing you. It’s important to tell your insurance company about the accident immediately.

While this part of handling a car accident claim in San Diego can be overwhelming, you should certainly never count on the other party’s insurance company looking out for your best interests. In fact, the way they tend to approach these cases is to identify anything that could indicate that the accident was partly or totally your fault. That’s because the other party’s insurance company does not want to have to pay in the event that you did something to cause the accident.

Their primary goal in speaking with you is to uncover any information that could indicate that you may have been partly or totally responsible for the accident. Therefore, you should never treat this company like a friend and divulge any more information that is absolutely necessary. Likewise, you should never sign anything that is presented as a statement or give a recorded statement to the insurance company.

All details that the other party’s insurance company collects are designed to find out whether or not you could have been responsible for the accident. The insurance company uses this information in order to determine whether or not they will deny the claim. They may be in conversation with your insurance company to pinpoint the accident as being your fault. It can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing to be involved in any kind of car accident in San Diego but you should never lose your cool when dealing with the other party’s insurance company. Identifying the right San Diego personal injury firm to represent your case from the outset is the best way to handle the other party’s insurance carrier.

Your attorney can speak to the insurance carrier on your behalf so that you do not feel pressured to make any recorded or written statements. This is the best way to leave the investigation up to the insurance carrier without necessarily giving them any more than you have to. While it is certainly recommended that you comply with requests from the other party’s insurance carrier, you should only do this under the guidance of your own experienced personal injury attorney. This is the best way to protect your interests in a serious car accident claim.