You will be unlikely to recover any compensation in a personal injury claim unless you can prove that another party is liable for your injuries. This requires the collection various types of evidence from the scene of the accident along with other documentation that supports the severity of your injury.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer can help you to collect the evidence you need to support a personal injury claim. A thorough investigation should be completed by a personal injury attorney immediately and he or she can walk you through the types of evidence you need to support a personal injury claim. Several different kinds of evidence can be used to support your injury claim. 

Evidence from the scene may include pictures, videos, and contact information for witnesses. The same holds true for slip and fall accidents because you should take pictures of the place where you tripped or fell as well as any obstacles in or near the area. If you have been injured by a defective product, you will need to take pictures of the product and the place the injury occurred.

The personal account of the events, the police report and all of your medical records including your paramedic reports, your emergency room admitting charts, prescriptions, notes from visits with doctors, physical therapy evaluations and your results for medical tests and your discharge forms from hospital visits can all prove important as evidence you need to support a personal injury claim.

This will detail the injuries you sustained and the types of treatments you are receiving as well as the doctor’s opinion on how long it may take you to recover. Talking to an attorney immediately after an accident can give you a better perspective on the types of individuals who may be held liable and how you can get help from an attorney who cares.