Some road conditions can cause vehicle accidents in San Diego and unfortunately, far too many people are injured or killed every year on US highways and roads because of poor conditions and road quality. Federal and state laws require towns, villages, cities, and counties to design, maintain and build safe roads and highways. It is not possible to ensure that every highway is entirely safe.

That’s why the Federal Highway Administration is responsible for helping local and state governments with the guidelines for the construction of roadways in safe designs. Common road condition issues that can contribute to car accidents and generate serious liability concerns include:

  •       Roads that are not properly salted in winter weather.
  •       Missing, damaged or confusing road signs.
  •       Inappropriate or lack of appropriate road markings.
  •       Improperly graded curves.
  •       Uneven shoulders.
  •       Poorly placed signals.
  •       Lack of nighttime lighting.
  •       Inappropriate road materials.
  •       Broken guard rails.

If you believe that your accident in San Diego was tied to faulty roadway design, poor maintenance or a defect in the road, you need to first report the accident to your car insurance company. The majority of liability policies will cover property damage and injuries from your accidents occurring on highways and roads, even if the accident involves only your car. However, liability can be complicated when there is another person involved in the accident, whom you believe to be at least partially responsible for your injuries. Consulting with a San Diego personal injury lawyer can help you determine the next steps to take.