There is currently a $212-million deficit in the city of Los Angeles’ budget, a deficit expected to double in the next year.  That’s quite the financial burden for the city and the man in charge, but his woes have increased after a DUI charge.

The LA Times reports that California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrested a City Administrative Officer for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol after leaving a charity function in Los Angeles.  To make matters worse, he was driving drunk in a state issued vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Our law firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers feel that there is no reason to ever be intoxicated behind the wheel because it puts people in a position to receive personal injuries or lose their lives.  Everyone on the road is put at risk when you operate a car, but do not have complete control over your own body.  The outcome can usually be deadly.

After witnessing his gray Honda Civic speeding down a street, CHP officers pulled over the city’s financial officer and began to question him, observing “signs and symptoms of intoxication.”  After a brief interview and a blood-alcohol test, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Mayor’s Office released a statement from the man.

I regret to say that last night I was involved in a very serious and irresponsible incident…  Driving home from a charity event, I received a DUI.  It was a mistake that I deeply regret and I apologize to my family and friends, my staff, the Mayor, the City Council and the entire city family for this indiscretion.

No property damage or personal injuries were the result of Santana’s actions, and it is a good thing that police officers pulled him over before a car accident happened due to his impaired driving.  Santana says he’s dedicated to refocusing his time and efforts on his work.  With the Mayor support, he can get the counseling and education he needs to learn the dangers of driving under the influence, which is a course of recovery our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers would recommend.

With any luck, this man will not drink and drive again and instead be able to focus all of his energy on pulling Los Angeles out of a financial crisis.

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