The new administration is looking for ways to increase the number of doctors in America to treat injured persons that are aging or uninsured, but the administration is having a hard time finding the proper amount of doctors to do the job and also assign the medical bills for personal injuries.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers are aware of the fact that when an a person is injured, there can be hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical bill expenses depending on the severity of the injuries.  Sometimes, you may not know how to get these medical bills paid, and the current state of health care in the United States doesn’t make it easy.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers have a handy resource page that can help you if you have rising medical bill costs from your personal injuries, and you will find links on that page that can give you some idea where to go if you’re lost on the road of medical bill payment.

Now, injured persons will have a harder time finding a doctor if, say, they are personally injured during a car accident or motorcycle accident.

While putting some of the new administration’s goals into action, some proposals would lower the amount of medical bills an injured person has and others could knock the president’s intended plans off course.   Increasing the number of doctors would allow more injured persons to receive medical treatment but could make it more difficult for them to pay the cost of their medical bills, for example.

What if you are in a car accident where you experience whiplash injuries, spinal cord injuries, or a traumatic brain injury, but instead of being rushed to a hospital for treatment of your personal injuries, the medics rush you to a line where several other injured persons are all waiting to see the same doctor.

One idea is to increase Medicare payments to general practitioners, but many injured persons already need help paying their medical bills, so it might be impractical to implement this course of action that would not help them pay their medical bills.

So what is the best plan for getting more doctors to treat personal injuries and not have it cost an arm and a leg when the medical bill arrives?  At the moment, no one can seem to agree on the same answer.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego know how important doctors are for treating personal injuries.  Without them, personal injuries cause more pain and suffering and emotional trauma for injured persons.  If you experienced a personal injury, you would want a doctor readily available to help you, right?

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