At what point in our lives do we get the opportunity to stop worrying about all the dangers of the world and simply throw caution to the wind?  We are old enough to know better and wise enough to stay out of trouble — there is a definite age where we can throw caution to the wind, right?  Anyone?

At 63 years old, it is hard to say if one Lakeside resident, a woman who had overcome the challenges of living a disabled lifestyle — as well as a divorce from her husband — ever took into real consideration the dangers of crossing the road.  Unfortunately, it’s the dearth of accountability held on the part of the irresponsible motorist — who hit her and drove off in a fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accident last week — that was more than the woman could handle.

Our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers in Lakeside hate to hear about wrongful deaths of pedestrians — especially when hit-and-run driving is responsible for someone’s death.

The woman was not 125-feet from her house when the accident happened, giving her several personal injuries, including a broken back and skull fracture.  She was in a coma, being taken care of by her ex-husband until she passed away from her catastrophic injuries.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the woman was attempting to cross Old Highway 80 by Los Coches Road when a dark-green Ford Expedition collided with her and then took off from the scene of the accident.  Authorities and the family are asking that the motorist responsible for her death come forward and accept blame for the hit-and-run.

The pedestrian accident lawyers who work at our firm urge that driver to do the same.  This isn’t a case of accidentally creating property damage and taking off because you did not want to bear the financial burden;  this is a woman’s life that was cut short and cannot be replaced.

Never leave the scene of an accident.  Own up the consequences.  Because if there is one thing that you can learn to incorporate into your lifestyle, it is stepping up to the plate and admitting mistakes, not running from them.

What do you think about this story?  Do you think they will find the driver?  Do you have any other information regarding this case?

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