Although trucking accident fatalities reached a relative low in 2009 in the midst of a serious economic recession, the number of trucks now moving across California and the rest of the country is being associated with a spike in large trucking accident fatalities. Trucking accident deaths can leave a devastating wake for family members and friends of a victim.

There are many concerns associated with trucking accidents and most of the issues associated with these trucking accidents are things that could be prevented completely. For example, although there are clear regulations about how much rest a trucker needs to have during his or her shifts and between making longer hauls, many times truckers may feel pressured to avoid these rules or drive more quickly in order to reach a destination sooner. Of course, this puts other individuals on the road at significant risk of being injured in a severe accident.

People who are injured in a trucking accident while in a smaller vehicle are more likely to sustain serious injuries because of the speed, weight and size typically associated with commercial trucks. The fact that these cars are lower to the ground also means that they are at a greater risk of riding under the carriage of a large truck. Drivers in this position may become the latest victim of trucking accident deaths.

Commercial trucks have significant blind spots making it difficult for a driver in another vehicle who is obeying all of the road rules, to be seen constantly by a commercial truck driver. One of the most devastating sets of injuries associated with a commercial trucking accident has to do with being thrown from the vehicle. Individuals who are thrown from their vehicle after being hit by a large truck could be at risk of paralysis or other life-threatening injuries.